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Hello! We are Coding Giants

Since 2015 we have been inspiring young people with our passion for modern technologies. Our mission is to give them a better start into the future but whith the fun factor attached in the education proces

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Why programming?

Mental development

Coding supports development of a child: stimulates creativity, trains patiency and persitancy, develops logical thinking. Children taking coding classes tend to do better at school.

Preparation for the change

It is estimated that even half of the professions we know nowadays may disappear within the next 20 years. We need our kids to be prepared for what is coming in the labour market.

The skill of the future

Skills related to coding and IT in general are expected to be required even in the jobs that are not directly linked to information technology, such as marketer, analyst etc.

Independence and flexibility

Coding can be done remotely from anywhere in the world which makes it resistant to any crisis (health-, weather- or social-oriented). Plus it is very well remunerated as a profession

Why franchise? Is it really for me?

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You will be provided with the full business model with all the tools that you will need to sucessfully run it. As a result, you will be able to launch your own school in ca. 3 months from the first meeting with us.

What will you get?

Get a franchise kit


We will share our educational, managerial and operational experience

Marketing & promotion

You will be allowed to use our brand with the whole visual identity

Localised website

You will get access to our website under a local domain

CRM system

A tailor-made system that gives you full control over the business

Initial training

You will go through an extensive induction process of ca. 6-8 weeks

Franchise consultant

A dedicated person in the headquarters to be in daily contact with you

What will you get?

Get a franchise kit


We will share our educational, managerial and operational experience

Marketing & promotion

You will be allowed to use our brand with the whole visual identity

Are you right for us? Requirements for franchisees

Understanding your local educational market
Motivation, dedication and willingness to learn
A facility of at least 30m2 in an attractive location (own or rented)
Entrepreneurial or managerial experience from a corporate environmen
Basic programming skills and IT knowledge (recommended, not essential)

References and opinions

Izabela Poradowska

When we heard about programming schools for children, we started looking for an offer that would suit us best. My husband is an unfulfilled programmer. When, after more than a decade of working in corporations, he started to work teaching children to program, he feels like he's back on track. I, on the other hand, have always thought that doing something for children is valuable and very inspiring. 

Branka Bebić

In the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee, the most important thing is that both parties are completely open in communication. I was able to ask all sorts of questions, from all spheres of business, so at no point did I have the feeling that I was alone in this. They were ready to help, answer questions, advise what to do and how to set everything up, whether it was about business, technical things, marketing, or customer relations. I can really say that they are true partners! 

Daniel Skuza

I strongly recommend cooperation with Coding Giants at your location. The company provides a time-proven business model, a strong brand and support in day-to-day activities. If you add to these knowledge of the local market and some operational energy, you will be able to build up an interesting, modern educational company. 

Coding Giants Courses

Basics of Games Development semester 1 (Scratch, Minecraft) ONLINE

Course description

The first semester is prepared to introduce the world of programming and its basic concepts. Students can demonstrate their skills in the Scratch environment and Minecraft Education Edition. Thanks to stepping into the worlds of such games as Minecraft, Fortnite, Angry Birds, we convey fascinating topics from the programming world in an unique way.

Basics of Games Development semester 2 (Tynker, advanced Scratch) ONLINE

Course description

The second semester of classes will take us to the world of advanced 2D games. Thanks to the Tynker environment, students will learn how to create multi-stage platformers games, and in the second part of the semester we are going to use Scratch to create advanced games such as Pokemon Go.

Programs and Computer Games semester 1 ONLINE (Scratch)

Course description

Scratch is ready to show us the wonderful world of programming. By learning the basic and advanced concepts, we will start our journey as a real programmer. Various adventures await us in the world where Wither and Steve live, but also on the Angry Birds Island or the Forza Horizon tracks.

Programs and Computer Games semester 2 ONLINE (App Inventor)

Course description

The second semester of Computer Programs and Games - transfers us to the world of mobile applications. During the course, we will learn the rules of creating mobile applications in App Inventor and we will be able to share our applications with friends.

Introduction to Coding in C# semester 1 ONLINE

Course description

Do you know how programmers work? During the classes, we will learn the rules of using the C # language with the help of the Visual Studio environment and we will feel like one of them. Loop, method, conditional statements sound like ancient spells? As programmers, we will know their meaning and we will use them to create fantastic programs.

Introduction to Coding in C# semester 2 ONLINE

Course description

The second semester is primarily based on practical classes will prove that being a programmer is not a boring job. We will learn how to create games, applications and programs based on the C # programming language.

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Preguntas frecuentes

1. ¿Cómo puedo inscribirme en los cursos?


Puedes inscribirte haciendo click en el enlace de abajo. Serás redireccionado a un formulario con una selección de grupos y fechas.

Formulario de inscripción

2. ¿Cuáles son las fechas de las clases?


Todas las fechas de los cursos se indican en el formulario de inscripción. Ahí podrás consultar las fechas disponibles. Si no hay ninguna fecha que te convenga, dínoslo. Número de contacto: +34 936 940 043

3. ¿Cómo elegir el curso de programación adecuado para un niñ@ de nivel principiante?


En primer lugar, hay que tener en cuenta la edad de tu hijo: todos nuestros cursos están hechos a medida para un grupo de edad concreto (6-9, 9-12, 12-16 o 16-18 años). En segundo lugar, se trata de saber si el niñ@ es principiante o si ya tiene cierta experiencia en el ámbito de la programación. En nuestro Servicio de Atención al Cliente estaremos encantados de ayudarte a elegir el curso adecuado.

4. ¿El estudiante tiene que usar su propio ordenador?


Online: sí